We serve!

Service is core to being a Lion, it’s something we do every chance we get. 

While we find opportunities to serve our community throughout the year, the three largest events we host for Cedar City and Iron County are the Independence Day Parade, the Great American Stampede Rodeo, and the Kite Flight. We also assist at the Happy Factory, and help in programs that aid the blind and vision impaired through regular service projects. 

More details are coming soon on these events, and how they benefit the community. We hope to see you there!

Celebrating our roots help guide us in our future! 

We love hosting this event because we love seeing families come out, meet new friends, and enjoy the Spirit of ’76 as a community.

Independence Day Parade

Great American Stampede Rodeo

Details coming soon!

This fun event inspires children to read!

School children, public, private, and homeschooled, are given a goal of books to read. Each book read counts as points for the Kite Flight event!

Kite Flight

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